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The Scandinavian Institute of Communicology (previously Scandinavian Institute of Communication and Change) was founded by Jorunn Sjøbakken and Truls Fleiner in 1981. The Institutes main activities as of today are as follows:
  1. Education in Communicology at basic, intermediate and advanced level. 
  2. Certification of communicologists at advanced level. The Scandinavian Institute of Communicology is the only certification authority on this level.
  3. Setting terms and standards for (and quality assurance of) all educational programs in communicology at basic and intermediate level.
  4. Extensive guidance on communicology products such as written work, model projects etc.
  5. To establish and ensure the continuation of communicology as a disciplin.

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The educators Jorunn Sjøbakken og Truls Fleiner have

  1. Developed the disciplin of communicology based on
    • Gregory Batesons proposal of a common interdisciplinary terminology and understanding
    • John Grinders ambition of a metadisciplin
    • their own professional experiences and development through several decades
  2. Named the disciplin communicology
  3. Defined it
  4. Given it substance 
    • with a summarized material -specific categories which include large amounts of expert-knowledge about change processes.
    • Named and described the associated competence.
      Interdisciplinary Meta Competence
  5. Designed a pedagogical program for education in communicology
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Program in English

We are conducting Modules in Vienna (Austria) and Helsinki (Finland).

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